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Sunday, July 13, 2014


I do alot of these Youtubes and you know what? It gets better and better......

I have been doing alot of thinking lately on what is the next step for Diesel Washington???

Well I have good news I'm planning a trip to Europe for 2weeks and looking for some ideas from the fans on what places to go visit.

So in the comment sections Give me some good advice on places to go well im staying in Europe.  My first stop is in Austria...

Going to see family while I'm out in Vienna, but at the same time I want to hit up Germany, Holland and some other places.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014



I know I haven't been writing much.....

Sorry for that people, its just that it seems I'm repeating the same stories about the same parties, same events and over and over its the same exact thing but the faces are different you know?

*cue Jaded and Bitter....

I feel like the old dinosaur that winds up at these events, I see the new faces all excited to be there and slutting their way to the top.  And I mean Slutting to the top in a good way, Hey if your a young porn star and you go to these events and see the BIG names out and about. You want a piece of that dick or ass I mean you have to keep it real as a porn star sometimes..

Do I have moments OF COURSE!! I go to these events and see all the up and coming and some of them are so fucking cute.  I'm at a social function when I meet them, so personality is everything.   In talking about themselves some models are more low key, and keep the gay porn persona separate from their normal lives its an interesting duality.  But back to the thirst

The Thirst:

The hunger for taking selfies with all the big names, like its a mission. It's almost like Fanboying over another porn star which is fine. What makes it alittle more intense is that it has a Stalker twist to it.

Being on Twitter and tweeting every porn star or adding to their stories, wishing they were there. Being with them..How come I wasn't invited? It's hard to read sometimes the lengths that these thirsty boys go to get some attention.

I get weary of the entitlement of the Thirsty, I understand you want the same level of success and fame.  But some porn stars had to create their brand from the ground up and it took years.  Due to the popularity of Social media, all you have to do is create a Twitter account and become a "Porn star/model"

We will come back to the Thirst, but where are my manners I haven't updated people on my travels....

Let me see, the last place I talked about was Chicago.

Since then it was Orlando and Pittsburgh..

Orlando Pictures:

Filmed two scenes while in Orlando with Sean Duran who i worked with on HighPerformanceMen.com and fresh out of retirement Jay Armstrong....So yeah I was not fucking twinks or skinny little guys.. Your welcome and I play a character which is always fun.

Folks I ran into in Orlando AJ Monroe...The boy parties too hard for Me and We both wind up Hot messes and it wasnt a good luck.  To give background on the story, someone parties too hard and I accidentally drank from his cup which in turn....

It wasn't a good time had and took Me almost a week to recover from whatever was in that cup.  Long story kept short(Wink)

 Jimmy Fanz, Angel Rock, Boomer Banks, and Diesel Washington
 Me and Boomer again and that is alot of cock in one picture You know??
 Me and Sean Xavier and again that is alot of cock in one picture
 Close friend Steven and A Gabriel
 My foot while I was watching the Tonys, which was so good and Hugh Jackman so handsome so talented its crazy..
 Besties Ryan Rose and Ethan Slade doing what we do....Burning down the House
 Watching EnVouge that was performing
 Another porn bestie Tommy Defendi
And here goes the Pittsburgh pics

So I had a couple of mental breakdowns, alot of traveling around and drama and just annoying things(the usual).

I expect to do some extensive traveling soon, so there is alot of things going on right now and I'm being pulled in alot of directions.

One direction, I'm dating again....And met somebody I really like....

Not going in depth keeping that to myself...Yeah Right! Catch Me twitter talking about him...Yikes Moving on...

What things more do I want to accomplish? Its hard to say...

The model in Me still wants to turn out roles, I figured Cockyboys would be my last stop but I'm happy to just do sex scenes(Even though you guys like Me in Movies) So there are a couple of projects coming my way so when I announced a possible retirement..Of course roles come and fall into your lap and that is that.

As far as my filming and directing, I had my chance to work with a company for two years producing content.  Even though there was a parting of ways, I get the itch every now and then, to get back behind the camera.  But that dream of doing a website and producing content, I had a long time to do some analyzing.  And Frankly....


Doing Live Cam shows to doing clients in the escort field, to going out at night and being a Part time Go Go boy, to giving massages and hair grooming. Running your own website, to running a talent agency, paid personal appearances, I mean even being a Shot boy at a bar or something.  Selling underwear and gear, doing live sex shows, nude modeling,....

Sex Sex Sex...

It can consume you!!

You have to be very strong willed to be able to handle, being ready a minutes notice to have sex with a random stranger. Now this is not for the faint of heart this business, but I'm a performer and this is only a performance to Me. But to be honest after years and years of doing this, you do suppress certain images of people inside of your head, cause you just had random sex with them.  There was no emotional connection and it was just a transaction for money.  If you can always remember its for the money and not get "Connected" then you should be in the clear.

Connected is when all the memories of all the people you had sex with makes You feel:

Used and Abused
Sex toy
Play thing
No important use besides Sexual gratification
The feeling that your only value is your Hot body or cock or a Porn persona you created..
Low self worth
Sex addiction
Lack of Intimacy

And the list goes on and on.....

I have always been honest on my blog and these are just emotions that I go through..


Yeah I forgot to post this.... Have fun with it people

Thursday, May 01, 2014


DJ Prostyle "LoL" by Diesel from Diesel Washington on Vimeo.

While I'm busy and preparing for Grabbys this year....

Yes...I decided to go to IML and Grabbys this year, I haven't been to too many events and I think its time to stretch my wings and hit the road for a bit.

Since I'm in the deciding phase(Next chapter of life)I'm keeping my options open and a GOOD porn star always has an exit plan before He goes.  Noooo dont worry yet, I'm not announcing a retirement not yet anyway...

I wanted to end my career on a high note by doing Cockyboys(was a success) but at the same time. I have to admit to being still THIRSTY for more roles.  I have proved that I can act....

So what's left....

Going further in my career, most scenes from here on:

Mostly about sex
Very direct straight sex
and I'm thinking about returning to my Fetish roots..

I distanced myself from Fetish work only because I was determined to prove to people I could do a wide array of characters and scenes. Mission accomplished I would think.

So what does the public want?


Wednesday, April 23, 2014



I had to Mash up some songs but at the end of the Video, I do some old school dancing cause of cause the classic in the Mash Up is "Show Me Love"

I know I haven't wrote any inspiring posts about my life or anything and there is a reason.  Slowly trying to tone down the internet blogging about My Life and everything and find a new path or trail for Me to blaze.  I have so many friends/fans/supporters that have been there from the start of this journey.

At times I wanted to stop writing because I have shared my Lovers/Money Problems/Deaths/Blog battles so many memories and Youtubes and photos all through the years..Almost 10yrs of memories and I really have to start putting this thing together because this blog has a story to tell.....

I have watched myself on this blog, because I sound like sometimes I repeat myself with the same old issues I already commented on.  I think by now, everybody knows my stance with things and there are sometimes when I have to Break it down with.

I'm not the best writer and somtimes expressing myself on a blog or tweet comes off...What is the word? HARSH..

Anyway, there are so many changes happening in the industry and I don't think there is any room for a Throw Back Porn star that still cares about his Brand and feels a level of Social Responsibility when it comes to his Performances.(That is a Mouth full)

So I wanted to touch base with my Strong supporters that think I'm just floating in the wind. You can say that...But at the sametime I would say I'm finding myself right now and allowing myself to live life again.

Anyway enjoy the Video

Monday, April 14, 2014


Thanks for all the birthday wishes, If you didnt know my birthday was April 11 and I had a great time.  Seeing how all the fans wished Me a Happy Birthday on Facebook/Twitter/Blogger I decided to make this Video during my birthday so I can show a small glimpse into my life with my Bestie Roy Jones..

Enjoy it!!!

More later...

Sunday, March 23, 2014


So I'm walking to the awards shows with Tommy Defendi/Roy Jones(bestfriend) and We are smoking a blunt on the way  to the  Hookies Awards. I ran into rising star Tyson Tyler.  I think he is a Hot guy, so here are a couple of pictures of us together "In the Moment" to popular stars in the moment....

So at the Hookies and I run into Mister www.Str8upgayporn.com  Zach.  As soon as We run into each other We have a quick "Tea" session, in that session We pick our next targets and Make interesting news. As guys who have been blogging for years, It's always good to run into each other and just have some fun and "Gossip".

Also got to say hello to Leo Forte,MrPam,JayBlack,CutlerX,BravoDelta,DuncanBlack and the list could go on and on...It's like running into old friends who u havent seen in a couple of years and stuff. Good times good times...

FYI I was alittle drunk at the event but I did manage to get some Videos of the event:

Tommy Defendi good good friend Congrats.. Duncan Black another good friend from back in the day

At some point I got so twisted that lucky Me since I had my Best friend with Me...Roy Jones I was able to make it back to the hotel safe and sound. Lost my phone and a microphone for a camera...


Party like a Rock Star and that happens....

Oh I didn't have a chance to post my newest Youtube video..

SO HERE IT IS....MY NEWEST YOUTUBE: I posted this on Vimeo as well but I forget to let people know I did a Youtube one as well