Saturday, February 21, 2015


So i was killing some time on Twitter and I thought up the idea of taking suggestions off Twitter from fans and film what they wanted to see for a change.

If you don't know the weather is crazy right now and its snowing and raining at the same time.  The roads are shitty and nobody is going anyway...

So since I had some time, Why not entertain the fans with a short Youtube...

and the Winner is

Rapping in a Bubble Bath

Stay tuned for more these types of Vids, its all about the fans....

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


So I'm searching around Youtube and I was listening and watching Truffle Butter Youtubes and I clicked on this Youtube featuring Justin Tyler.

Now his name alone sounds like a Porn star name but give it time...

I was the first Youtube above and then I searched and found another Youtube starring Justin Tyler the Rapper...

He goes into more bars and lyrics and he is actually very good I have to give him props

Then he goes deeper this next one:

I mean this is the last one.....

You know I'm listening to the lyrics, you can tell he is young but it got my head bouncing up and down and all I can say is I like it..

Judging by the views on his Youtube he is REALLY an underground talent and needs more exposure.  I dig his style and I find myself jamming to HIS stuff...

As a one Youtube to another Youtube...

Keep going my Youtube brother and much success will come your way.

Monday, February 09, 2015

GOFUNDME..The Begging Porn Star

GoFundMe...I get Begging Baby...Popping from Diesel Washington on Vimeo.

Now I know some people are going to be like:

There are some VERY needy people on GoFundMe that don't misuse the intended purpose of the site.

There are some Porn stars that are in need and this is not hurting anybody out there.

Health/Medical issues are no joking matter

Agree to all of that. Here is one worth investing..

And some are not....

What I wanted to accomplish was just to point out the Fact that some people are just Greedy Bitches!!! We are talking about the Bottom Feeders

There I said...

Bitches who feel they are entitled to something for being cute or sexy. It's a pattern that I am seeing more and more ESP when it comes to the porn industry.  The Porn Industry already has Egos/Divas/The Paranoid...

Now the Neediness of certain models feeling entitled to special treatment from fans(Public)for trivial things like a Vacation/New Car(old one works),Rent and Cell phone bills.?

The only reason why I comment or blog about it, is because it's funny.  If your a gay porn star on social media trying to solicit money for a personal agenda, that does not meet the requirements(as stated above). I got jokes ALL DAY.

I live in NYC, I see panhandlers/homeless/displaced people EVERYDAY. I will get at least a song/dance/music/poetry..some form of entertainment that I can at least say..."Okay I have some spare change"

And the Stories.....

I think in no other city in the world, will you hear the most creative stories of drug abuse/physical abuse/War Vets/Mothers holding their children telling you the most horrific stories with tears in her eyes.

Then come home and sign online, and there is always a porn star begging for something. I do not understand, maybe I'm living in the past. As a porn star, we commanded a level of respect(and disrespect)We got in front of the camera and performed in the these sex scenes as an expression of our sexuality. We got in front of the camera to further a career off camera(school/business/debt paying). We got in front of the camera for alot of different reasons...

Fast forward to 2015, I think models are losing the Sexy part of gay porn. Seems alot of models are more worried about getting more scenes to pay the bills. Models will give or take a load for mere $300 scenes, using Home HIV testing kits that they bought in Walmart as "Testing" methods. It's so in style to be called the "CumDumpster" not sure I see the sexy part in being called a CumDumpster. Now added to that CumDumpster look...

The constant begging online...

Buy Me shoes, buy me clothes, spoil me, Give me Gifts..

Sometimes I read  way too much, I have followed some of the models creating GoFundMe accounts, Zach(Editor) charts these things with a passion unmatched. Here are some Higlights from past stories I have read.

Everybody has their own GoFundMe use, and sometimes its harder to sort through campaigns that are worth investing in and others that come off as a Scheme/Scam.

Anyway giving my two cents..

Now I know some models will Hate Me for doing this blog post.....

I'm Begging you!!!

Don't Hate Me...


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Jed Athens claim to fame....

His reaction to a milky white substance shooting out of an ass...

How charming...

Now We have to go back in time for a minute, When Jed Athens(real name Phil) first started I liked his look and something about a Geeky nerdy boy gets Me going every time. And he was a prime example of a Geeky boy..

I was kinda of nervous at first talking to him on Twitter, cause I can be socially awkward when trying to flirt with another porn star.  So I took it slowly at first and just admired him from afar.

On twitter we had a couple of conversations back and forth but due to the distance(Him in LA and Me in NYC) nothing came from it, and we lost communication.

Fast forward to Jan 28, 2015, on twitter I started to post more pictures of my ass.  I don't normally post pictures of my ass because I'm a Top, since today was Hump Day I decided to share more pictures of my "Hump"(Ass)

My ass...

Jed Athens ass:


Probably the first time in 10 years of writing this blog have I EVER put up this many pictures of my ass.  I'm proud of my ass, it only took Me about 10 years of time to show it off more.

TeeHee now back to Jed Athens I had to post pictures of my ass that started this all this mess in the first place...

So I'm at work and I receive a phone call from a number I didn't recognize.  I didn't answer the phone because I'm not allowed to be on the phone while at work. I texted a message back to the caller saying I was at work, yet the caller calls me back yet again. Now I'm getting annoyed...

I receive a text message saying "Pick up your phone" I'm thinking to myself "Who is this? and Why is this guy so rude?"

This is the text conversation from the start:


Jed Athens(Phil): Yea??

Me: Someone Called?

Jed Athens(Phil): Terrance?

Me:Whom is speaking?

Jed Athens(Phil): Phil

Me: How can I help you? Can't talk now What's up?

Jed Athens(Phil):Pick ur phone

Me: I'm busy right now at work..can I help you

Jed Athens(Phil): Its not urgent I have a bit

Me: State your business

Jed Athens(Phil): U for my Bday

Me: Explain

Jed Athens(Phil):Go check your Twitter it might make sense to your talking to

Me: My services are currently not listed. How did you get my number and explain things directly

Jed Athens(Phil): U have dicked a number of my buds:)

Me: Listen my tolerance for playing games is low. I don't know a Phil I have no idea what u mean or saying right now. I dont have a pic of you. Your talking to me like I know you I'm at work now. And not trying to be rude but i get daily calls from strangers just wanting to make convo with Me.

Jed Athens(Phil): Omg its Phil aka Jed Athens

Me: Ooh

Jed Athens(Phil): I dont want convo just Bday falls on a wed and I saw ur booty just triple checking if I can't have it...

So at this point, he finally reveals who he is when HE CALLED AND TEXTED ME BEING MYSTERIOUS...

Here is where things took a turn for the worst......

Jed Athens(Phil): I don't fuck just anyone I have had a craving for older black booty as of late and I saw all that ass and I was like Ummm me want..

Jed Athens(Phil): My taste in guys older than Me sorry not into youngens and black guys tend to be more capable of hate fucks...

Jed Athens(Phil): My old twitter u made a comment about fucking me over a year ago 2. I said older not old get ur shit Str8 because compared to me  u are older 3. using a known facts that many white guys aren't proficient in topping and using references about how u fuck isnt stereotyping its call making a hypothesis.

So he starts talking down to Me, and then he gets really condescending and rude to Me.......

Jed Athens(Phil): U should read into the implied things I dont fuck ugly and I don't get intellectually involved with porn ppl because it always bits me in the ass because porn ppl use u till they get what they want...

The most annoying and downright disgusting part of the whole convo was this text to Me

Jed Athens(Phil):  Ur not a nerd u don't play DND or Video games probably the complete opposite of me and I require a heavy on the nerd side.

That was so rude and nasty and such a self important statement, He doesn't know Me. He didn't even want to take the time to get to know Me, or what into, no hobbies or interests nothing. If he took the time to get to know Me. He would have found out in fact I do play DND and I do play video games and collect comic books and into Cosplay.  Cause I am a Nerd.  Even my twitter followers know I'm a Nerd/Geek so that pushed me over the edge cause he didn't take the time to read my TL or to ask anything about Me.  He just pushed for his own agenda without any regards to what I like or into.  Completely self important

Sorry Jed Athens the world doesn't revolve around you....

The rest of the conversation was more like the same and he refused to acknowledged me as a person or individual, he talked down to Me like I wasn't on the same level of intellect. It was so distracting to be at work and some Porn Skank hits Me up looking to have sex with Me. Yet he is rude, talks down to people and instead of talking to Me and finding out interests.  He didn't want to put in the time or effort to get to know Me as a person or even find out anything about my likes or interests. He was completely self serving, self important and has no regard for my wants or needs.

As a matter of fact, the entire time we spent talking he kept repeating that he doesn't kiss ass....

Jed Athens does not kiss ass....

Kissing ass to Jed Athens is complimenting a person/telling the person your interested in, that they are cute or attractive.  Kissing ass to Jed Athens is trying to learn more about a person/Kissing ass to Jed Athens is being somewhat nice to someone because you are interested in having sex with them..

Here is the best thing about the situation, he is a blogger himself.....

Jed Athens a blogger? Yes he is......

Now if you go to his blog, he writes a detailed blog post about the porn models he has worked with in the past(Good and Bad).  So when you are a blogger that writes badly about people, you have to be prepared for someone to write badly about you(Been there done that X100)

Here is one post I found interesting 

Trashed C.D by revealing his agenda..

Another post

Calls out another stripper....

Probably the most damaging post

He talks about his "Relationship" with the deceased Mr. Rhodes, and then goes to trash Steven Cruz and Bruno Bond..

I don't know who this is Jed Athens? A character or persona? Someone with deep rooted issues and showing his insecurities through his blog and his interactions with other blogger and porn models??

Of course you can compare Diesel Washington to Jed Athens and see a lot of similar traits:

Train wrecking on Twitter

Writing Bold and outspoken blog posts

Being known as Crazy or Insane

Being very Truthful and Honest

Yet there is so many notable differences between Us:

He is a total dick in person, I tend to be a dick on Twitter but in person LIFE OF THE PARTY. 

 His porn scenes are boring and bareback,. My scenes are exciting and interesting to watch, and condom only.

 He has a big black gaping hole, I have a big black cock.

 He is scrawny and pale white. I'm sexual chocolate.

 He is young and naive, I am OLDER with more experience in this business.

Anyway I used to have a Porn crush on a model call Jed Athens......

What I got was a person who was nasty/self centered/self important/self serving and not someone who I would call a friend or even someone I would align myself with..

In a nutshell.....

Jed Athens or Phil or whatever your name is

You are a Douchebag!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Okay I haven't wrote a post in a long time......

It's hard to feel inspired when I have been an Entertainer for so long.  I don't know how to describe it.  I have maintained this blog(for the most part)for ten years and in that time, it feels like I'm repeating myself....

The ideas were slow to form because I don't have a team of writers or an assistant I cab fall back on to take care of the little stuff.  Anyway enough bitching and whining I do that enough on Twitter.

So what to write about???

So many things happened last year that I wanted to comment on but....


It's 2015 and I'm not trying to live in the past anymore, I want to find a new direction for myself and also a new path so I have planned...


More about that later...I wanted to entertain people for now.

So check out my newest Youtube...

Just some Humor for you, and some Butt

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


So I get the Invite to go to the Cockyboys XXXmas party, and at first I didn't want to go.  The whole having to show your face at these events can sometimes be tiring.  I was out of the scene, and definitely didn't want to get all dressed up and go to some party.  Anyway I decided to go.....HAHAH

Miss a party with a bunch a cute boys NEVER!!!

When I first walked in I was greeted by Jake Jaxon, he was so nice and sweet and Thanked me for coming. I was caught off guard alittle(I'm socially awkward)but since I was able to "Steam" a blunt before going in I was comfortable enough to have a conversation with him while he was preparing for the party. I then run into Benny(husband of Jake)and he was so inviting and nice like ever the host at a party(One of Hosts)offered Me a drink at the bar and we conversed a bit.  He is so soft spoken in a soothing way, he is cute...

All I'm going to say

Also ran into other Host RJ(Husband to Jake)always nice talking to someone so creative behind the camera and stuff.  Guess who comes strolling in, sweating and hyperventilating as usual? Zach from anytime I have a chance to run into Zach it winds up into a Huge "Tea" fest about the Industry and the topic "Empires will Fall" keeps coming up.

Speaking of which 

Here is the Rundown:

Apparently a model exclusive of LucasEntertainment Fernando Torres is claiming that models are not Sero sorted as once said by M.L. Meaning.....

Negative models are being paired up with Positive models in bareback scenes....


I always talk about being a negative model in an Industry full of models that are HIV+. It concerns Me in a way that negative models wishes are not being respected at all.  I finally have concrete proof about my claims.  I hate to use Hearsay and Gossip because that is all that crap is just Gossip and bullshit. We will talk about that more later...

Back to the Party.

I run Levi Karter, looking so cute and We had a "Dazed and Confused" moment.

Here with Boomer Banks check him out on Raging Stallion doing his "Bottoming" thing. Love this guy.

Boomer Banks and Tayte Hanson

And this happened....

Diesel Washington  and Amanda Lepore

Legends .

So through the course of the night, I got drunk...

I remember flirting with Liam Riley

I remember talking to the cute boys of the night Ryker Madison and Max Carter. Congrats to Ryker Madison who is now shooting with CockyBoys, that should be very interesting...

Max Carter....So a little bird told me that Max and I had the same birthday.  So I went up to Max and pulled out the ID card and we matched birthday for birthday. How many times do you run into someone that has the same birthday? He is a true Aries!! We sat there and talked and talked. I wanted to flirt with him, but I know he has a boyfriend and Aries are loyal to the core, so we were entertaining each other. He is another Aries so speaking truth with another Aries is comforting...

Plus he is cute, very easy on the eyes and he has a cute dog(Dog person)

BigShoutOut to the Fan Moms/Girls out there that came to event.

Big ShoutOut to Connor Goldsmith We both talked our ears off....

Shout out to anybody I missed....  

At 11pm I was so drunk(Open bar)

So a good time was had by all......

Amazing night people!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Love this ccommercialfrom Geico, as a marketing tool it's outstanding, and loving how they are bringing back the 80's Love.

I remember the Ickey Woods SuperBowl Shuffle..

A remember of my time as teenager ..

Anyway I have been impressed by the Geico ccommercialsas of lately some are Hit or Miss. These are my faves:

Now these are some commercials that I have seen that I must talk about:

Thanks Mom OMG this is from the Build a Bear people...

Something is alittle off about the little kid at the end, he is wearing glasses and his mother is wearing glasses, and he does this head twirl thing saying "Thanks Mom!!

"I wish We could do this every year"  HA

This is the entire commercial:

Lets put it this way, who ever is the director for this commercial, Can We make the commercial less creepy for next time.? Not sure why anyone would give children those kind of lines.

Next up!!

Big Lots commercial, these girls are doing it.. The lead girl is giving you a whole character with her facial expressions. Good one


The look is priceless on the older Asian women, when she looks at those hairy legs I wanted to die laughing...



Another favorite commercial, the transformation of Dad and his SUV to the  Douche dancing at the end of the Video. I have seen the commercial, thousands of times and I still smile watching the Classic "Douchebag Dance" at the end of it.

Now let us get to the new music

Called it Fuck Music

This is like my Anthem now GETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE enough with the bullshit.....

And now this one...

Notice the trend yet?

If you haven't noticed yet....I love the use of the word FUCK in each Video....

FUCK is such a powerful word

Fuck is an English-language word, a profane word which refers to the ACT of sexual intercourse and is also commonly used to denote disdain or as an intensifier. Its origin is obscure; it is usually considered to be first attested to around 1475, but may be considerably older. In modern usage, the term fuck and its derivatives (such as fucker and fucking) can be used in the position of a noun, a verb, an adjective or an adverb. There are many common phrases that EMPLOY the word, as well as compoundsincorporating it, such as motherfucker.

So there is no guess there....Fuck is probably my favorite curse word.

So you have seen my favorite commercials(so far)and the music that I'm listening to right now. Bored yet?  Don't worry, you can expect Me to write more as the days go by.

I went silent on writing a blog lately, I was dealing with an issue I had with another model. I did not write to come on my blog and start writing about the situation.  Of course another blog is talking about it, so it didn't seem necessary for Me to open the door to that situation again

Anyway, I will try to post some positive things on my blog that I have done lately...

More coming soon