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Monday, September 30, 2013


Anyway I have MIA on my blog and I think I need to go back to promoting and showing some personality again.  This blog is my baby and I have to say I'm guilty of neglect, so I'm a bad parent so this time around I have to go back to my roots as a Entertainer and really grow all around.

I spent years as a Model, starting a new career in directing and editing....

I haven't shopped myself around and I do stay limited to the Pornish stuff.  Part of being a good director is going out there and getting footage...The job of an editor is to connect the dots in a way the viewer can understand the story that is present in front of them

Putting all of these elements together and you might have something special.  I think its a little bit selfish of Me to force all of my energy into just Porn

There is a big world out there....

I just started at the Tip of a new journey..

Anyway not to be long winded, I uploaded some pictures for the fans..


Thom Robinson said...

Very very nice

Anonymous said...

Looking young as evah tee tee

desea said...

xxx nice picture